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XO Module
XO DIY is the heart of the well known XO2.2 and XO3.2 clock upgrades. Tentlabs low jitter XO clock is now available as a separate module to ...    More info

Price: €  24,37 excl. VAT
Shunt Regulator
Upgrades power supplies of both analog and digital circuits, mostly found in CD/DVD players, DACs and similar audio equipment. Low noise, wi ...    More info

Price: €  32,77 excl. VAT
Filament supply, 2,5A
New: Filament supply V3.0. Has lossless rectification so can be fed with a lower input supply and has less heat generation. Incorporates slo ...    More info

Price: €  65,70 excl. VAT
Heater Supply
This module feeds heaters of indirectly heated tubes. Compact, very low drop, output range from 2.5V to 13V. Max output 1,5Adc.    More info

Price: €  32,23 excl. VAT
MEC-50 is an electronic choke that offers astounding performance at staggering small volume and weight. Applied in power supply filters from ...    More info

Price: €  23,97 excl. VAT
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